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Michael Bayyouk

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Wasta Learning

Project Management

As an instructional designer and co-founder of my own EdTech startup, Wasta, I was heavily involved in project management. My role involved overseeing the development of our products and ensuring they were delivered on time, within budget, and met the expectations of our customers.

One specific example of my project management work was when we launched our mobile app. I worked closely with our development team to ensure that the app was completed on schedule and met all of our quality standards. This involved creating a detailed project plan, communicating with our team on a regular basis, and ensuring that any issues or roadblocks were addressed quickly and efficiently.

Another example of my project management work was when we partnered with a large education publisher to develop a series of online courses. I was responsible for overseeing the project from start to finish, which included coordinating with the publisher to understand their needs, working with our team to design the courses, and ensuring that the final product was of high quality and met the expectations of our client.

In addition to these specific examples, my role as a project manager also involved regularly reviewing our product development processes to identify areas for improvement and implementing changes to optimize efficiency and ensure that we were meeting the needs of our customers.

Overall, my experience in project management has given me a strong understanding of how to oversee complex projects and ensure that they are delivered on time, within budget, and to a high standard of quality.

As an instructional designer working on my EdTech startup, Wasta, I had the opportunity to lead a team of 13 volunteer teachers to create a comprehensive Adult language learning program. This program was tri-leveled and lasted for 3 months. It was part of our testing phase prior to the development of the mobile app.

My work included developing a detailed curriculum for the program, collaborating with the volunteer teachers to ensure quality and consistency of instruction, and overseeing the development of materials and assessments. I also managed the logistics of the program, including scheduling and communicating with students and teachers.

One of the specific examples of my work was creating an assessment system to track student progress and identify areas that needed improvement. This system included pre- and post-program assessments, as well as weekly quizzes and homework assignments. I also developed rubrics for the assessments, which helped the teachers to provide detailed feedback to the students.

Another specific example of my work was designing interactive activities that encouraged student engagement and active learning. For instance, I created a “conversation cafe” activity that allowed students to practice their language skills in a relaxed and informal setting. I also developed an online game that incorporated vocabulary and grammar concepts, which helped to reinforce the learning objectives of the program.

Overall, my work on this project involved a combination of instructional design, curriculum development, and project management. It was a challenging but rewarding experience that allowed me to apply my skills and expertise in a real-world setting.

Curriculum Desing

As an instructional designer at Wasta, my main focus was the curriculum design of our English language learning program. The program was designed to facilitate peer learning and focused on conversation practice to improve English language skills for individuals in the Middle East and North Africa.

One of my primary responsibilities was to work with subject matter experts to create course materials that were culturally appropriate and engaging for our target audience. This involved researching the language learning needs of individuals in the region and designing content that was relevant to their interests and experiences. I also collaborated with our technology team to ensure that the content was easily accessible through our platform.

Another key aspect of my role was to continually evaluate and improve our course offerings. This involved analyzing data on student performance and engagement, as well as soliciting feedback from our users. Based on this data, I made recommendations for changes and updates to our curriculum to ensure that it remained relevant and effective.

One specific example of my work was the development of a conversational practice module for intermediate-level learners. I collaborated with a subject matter expert to design a series of exercises that allowed students to practice their English conversation skills with each other. These exercises were designed to be fun and engaging while also providing students with valuable language practice.

Another example of my work was the development of a cultural immersion module for advanced learners. This module focused on providing students with an in-depth understanding of English-speaking cultures and included exercises that allowed them to practice their language skills in real-world scenarios. Overall, my work at Wasta was focused on creating effective and engaging language learning experiences for our users.

Live Steaming & Video Production

As an instructional designer at Wasta, I was responsible for managing the video production and editing process for the English language learning program. My role involved developing the creative vision for each video and working closely with the production team to bring that vision to life.

One specific example of my work in video production was creating a video tutorial for our platform’s conversation practice feature. I created a storyboard that outlined each step of the tutorial and worked with the production team to shoot and edit the video. I also collaborated with the marketing team to promote the video on social media, which helped increase user engagement with the platform’s conversation practice feature.

Another project I worked on was developing a video inventory for the platform’s library of educational videos. I conducted a needs analysis to determine what types of videos were most popular with our users and then worked with the production team to develop a plan to create new videos that aligned with user interests. I also developed a system for tagging and categorizing videos in the inventory to make it easier for users to find the content they were looking for.

In addition to video production and editing, I also worked on live streaming events for the Wasta community. One example of this was a live Q&A session with a guest speaker who shared their experience learning English as a second language. I was responsible for coordinating the logistics of the event, managing the live stream, and editing the recorded video for later use on the platform.

Overall, my role at Wasta involved wearing many hats and working on a variety of projects related to video production and editing. I was able to use my creative and technical skills to help the company deliver engaging and effective English language learning content to its users.

Content Creation

As an instructional designer at Wasta, I led the content planning and publication of English language learning resources used on our website, during live events, and to develop an adult language training program. Working with a team of 13 volunteer English teachers and 5 marketing interns, I was responsible for ensuring the quality, relevance, and accuracy of all content produced.

One specific example of my work was developing a comprehensive curriculum for our adult language training program. This involved creating lesson plans, activities, and assessments for each level of the program, as well as overseeing the development of multimedia resources such as videos and interactive exercises.

Another example was creating a series of live online events focused on specific language skills, such as pronunciation and grammar. I worked with the volunteer teachers to develop the content and activities for these events, as well as coordinating with the marketing team to promote them to our target audience.

In addition to my work on the language learning program, I also oversaw the development of marketing materials such as blog posts, social media content, and email campaigns. I collaborated with the marketing interns to create content that would engage and inform our audience, while also promoting our brand and services.

Overall, my role at Wasta involved managing a diverse team of volunteers and interns, coordinating the development of high-quality content, and ensuring the success of our language learning programs and marketing efforts. I was passionate about helping our users achieve their language learning goals and was committed to providing them with the best possible resources and support.


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