Hi, I’m Michael Bayyouk

an experienced instructional designer proficient in ILT/vILT, eLearning, video editing, and Articulate 360.

Michael Bayyouk

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Wasta App

As an instructional designer and co-founder of Wasta, I was responsible for various tasks related to the development of our mobile learning platform. One of my main responsibilities was to ensure that our platform had a user-friendly interface that provided an intuitive learning experience for our users. I worked on the UI/UX design, learning design, and learning experience design to create a platform that was engaging and easy to use.

In addition, I was responsible for creating instructional materials that aligned with our learning objectives. This involved conducting extensive research, designing effective learning experiences, and testing our platform to ensure that it was meeting our goals. I also played a key role in project management, coordinating with other team members and ensuring that everyone was working together to meet our targets.

As a startup, we also had to focus on sales and marketing to ensure that our platform was reaching as many potential users as possible. I worked on developing marketing strategies and materials, including social media campaigns and email marketing. We also participated in various events and conferences to showcase our platform to prospective customers and investors.

One specific example of my work was creating a gamified learning experience for our platform. I worked closely with our team of developers to design an interactive experience that engaged users and kept them motivated to learn. This involved researching gamification strategies, developing storyline and characters, and creating assessments to track progress.

Another example of my work involved conducting user research to better understand the needs and preferences of our target audience. I led focus group discussions, analyzed data, and used the insights gained to inform our product development and marketing strategies. This helped us to create a platform that was tailored to the needs of our users and provided a more effective learning experience.

Overall, my work at Wasta involved a range of tasks related to creating a mobile learning platform. From design and research to project management and sales, I played a key role in developing a platform that was engaging, effective, and user-friendly.

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