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an experienced instructional designer proficient in ILT/vILT, eLearning, video editing, and Articulate 360.

Michael Bayyouk

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During my rewarding two-year tenure with AMIDEAST in Morocco, I held multiple roles and was responsible for a range of programs and initiatives, serving as an instructional designer, marketing manager, and educator.

In my role as an instructional designer, I created comprehensive learning experiences tailored to a diverse group of students. I developed a multi-leveled English language learning curriculum for the US State Department’s ACCESS program, which required an in-depth understanding of learners’ needs and the ability to devise innovative teaching strategies. I designed this curriculum keeping the cultural context in mind and aimed to facilitate language acquisition in a manner that resonated with Moroccan students.

Expanding my portfolio, I further curated the curriculum and materials for the STEAM program, which was a novel initiative emphasizing STEM and Art education for early childhood development during the summer. This role allowed me to bring together the precision of STEM education and the creativity of art, creating a unique learning experience for children. It was here that I combined my passion for teaching and curriculum development with my interest in early childhood education.

Transitioning to the role of a marketing manager, I was responsible for devising and executing a strategic marketing plan for AMIDEAST’s programs and initiatives. I managed a dynamic team of interns, directing their efforts towards effective marketing practices. One of my critical achievements was the establishment of an efficient system for content curation. This was instrumental in enabling us to produce a consistent stream of compelling marketing material across multiple platforms.

I spearheaded the creation of marketing materials ranging from online and video content to digital, print, and outdoor advertising. Each medium required a distinct approach, and I was able to tap into my creativity and strategic thinking to create impactful campaigns that raised awareness about AMIDEAST’s efforts and brought our programs to the forefront.

The marketing strategy I developed and implemented reached every corner of Morocco, ensuring our programs were accessible and known to those who could most benefit from them. My work significantly contributed to increasing the visibility of AMIDEAST’s presence in the country.

In my capacity as an educator, I had the rewarding opportunity to teach the ACCESS program’s content throughout Morocco. I was directly responsible for providing students with English language skills, which could open new educational and career opportunities for them. My teaching journey took me to various parts of the country, allowing me to interact with and learn from a diverse group of students.

Furthermore, at our learning center, I taught several classes, impacting the lives of numerous students and sparking their interest in continued learning. As an educator, I strived to create an inclusive and engaging learning environment, fostering a passion for learning in my students. My teaching methodology was aimed at encouraging students to think critically and creatively.

Looking back, my journey with AMIDEAST was a blend of curriculum development, strategic marketing, and hands-on teaching. It was a challenging yet fulfilling experience that greatly expanded my professional skills and enriched my understanding of educational programs. The various roles I assumed provided me with a holistic view of educational program management, from the conception of curriculum to marketing strategies and direct instruction. This experience left an indelible imprint on my professional trajectory and continues to inform my approach to education and program management.

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